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Origin: Lebanon
Region Origin: Western Asia

Elias is a masculine name with both Hebrew and Greek origins, and it is a variant spelling of the name Elijah. The name translates to "the Lord is my God" and is derived from the biblical figure Elijah, who was considered a great prophet and miracle worker. The name has a rich history, with its roots traceable to the Old Testament as Elijah and later adaptations in Greek translations of the Bible. Some alternative interpretations of Elias include "Yahweh is my God," with Yahweh serving as another name for Jehovah. The name is typically designated for boys, although there are female iterations. Elias has gained popularity in various forms across different languages and cultures, withsimilar names such as Elijah, Elia, and Elias being used in Hebrew, Greek, and Spanish baby names, respectively. The name Elias has also been adopted by various early saints, contributing to its popularity among Christians in the Middle Ages.

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