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Origin: Sweden
Region Origin: Northern Europe

Marcus is a masculine given name with origins in Ancient Rome, specifically in Latin and Roman mythology. The meaning of the name Marcus is "dedicated to Mars", referring to the Roman god of war and fertility. The name is popular in various European countries, including Sweden, Norway, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands, as well as in English-speaking countries. The origin of the name Marcus can be traced back to either the Etruscan word "Marce" of unknown meaning or directly to the god Mars. In ancient Rome, the name Marcus was common, with most boys bearing the title somewhere in their names. Famous figures named Marcus from ancient Rome include the stoic philosopher and emperor Marcus Aurelius. Today, the name remains popular and is associated with various notable individuals, such as civil rights activist Marcus Garvey, war hero and author Marcus Luttrell, and football player Marcus Mariota.

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