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Origin: Turkey
Region Origin: Western Asia

The name Murray is a boy's name of Gaelic origin, with links to both Irish and Scottish history. It is an anglicized version of an old Gaelic surname, meaning "descendant of Ó Muireadhaigh". The name has a strong connection to the sea, as it is derived from the Scottish Gaelic word "Muireb" or "Moray," which means "sea settlement". The name Murray was particularly popular in Scotland due to the seaside area of Moray Firth. The origin of the name Murray can be traced back to the county of Moray in northeastern Scotland, where the Clan founder, Freskin, received a grant of the lands of Strathbrock in 1100 AD. The Murray family's ancestors were part of the Pictish people of ancient Scotland, and the name has since evolved into a unique given name associated with seafaring and marine life. Some famous people named Murray include tennis player Andy Murray, comedian Bill Murray, and baseball player Eddie Murray.

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