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Origin: France
Region Origin: Western Europe

Élodie is a French feminine given name, a variant of Alodia, which is possibly a Gothic name with elements Ala, meaning "other" or "foreign," and od, meaning "wealth" or "heritage". The name was popularized through the veneration of Saint Alodia, a 9th-century child martyr. The name Elodie has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years and is most commonly associated with French, English, and German origins. The meaning of Élodie is often interpreted as "foreign riches". The name has a light and lyrical quality, inspiring magic and travel in its name holders. People with the name Elodie are often thought of as being independent and mysterious, and they may pursue careers in public relations, administration, or tourism. The name Elodie is most popular in France but has also gained popularity in the United States since 2019.

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