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Origin: Netherlands
Region Origin: Western Europe

Harvey is an English and Scots family and given name with a variety of origins. It is derived from the Old Breton personal name Huiarnviu, which is composed of the elements hoiarn, meaning "iron," and viu, meaning "blazing". The name was later influenced by the Old French and Middle English personal name Hervei, also found as Herveu, Hervé, and Hervi. In England, the name is thought to have Anglo-Norman roots and is derived from the Old French 'Herve' (battle-worthy), functioning as a patronymic name for those who were the son or descendant of those with this given name. The name Harvey has been found in records as early as the 1200s. The meaning of Harvey is "battle worthy" or "blazing iron". The name has been associated with various notable individuals, such as Harvey Cushing, a pioneer of neurosurgery, and Harvey Fierstein, an American actor and playwright. Additionally, the name Harvey has been linked to the revered Saint Hervé in Brittany, who was believed to have the power to cure animals.

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