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Origin: Ghana
Region Origin: Western Africa

Gordon is a masculine given name of Scottish origin, meaning "spacious" and "fort". The name is derived from the Scottish surname Gordon, which is uncertain if it originated from a place name in Scotland or in France. The place name in Berwickshire, Scotland, where the family who bore the surname held lands in the 12th century, has an uncertain etymology. It is also possible that the place name was named after settlers from France, who were named after a like-named place in Normandy. The given name Gordon likely gained popularity in honor of Major-General Charles Gordon, a British army officer who was killed in 1885 in Khartoum. The Scottish village of Gordon is a historic location surrounded by quaint parks, peaceful scenery, and ancestors of heroic knights and legends. Whether one is from this little town or part of a Scottish family, the name Gordon can be a fitting choice.

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