What to expect: Your toddler at 12-18 months


You have made it to the toddler stage – congratulations! This is an exciting time where speech will develop and you will start to see their personality grow. Your toddler may be pulling to stand, tempting you with walking – or even shuffling around already.


Your toddler will be engaging in different foods by now and will really enjoy family mealtimes. This is a good time to start encouraging healthy eating routines, such as enjoying family meals together (if possible of course!)


The morning nap will shorten, closer to that of a catnap. Whilst your little one may want to sleep for much longer, encouraging a shorter nap here will mean a longer afternoon nap. This will help with the transition to one day sleep in the coming months, where the morning nap will be dropped.

  • Your little one will really enjoy exploring a park. Outdoor play and fresh air is important for a healthy toddler
  • They may be pulling to stand, so look around and watch for things that may be a danger
  • They like to ‘post’ things in and out, so get creative. A box of toys on its side will provide a lot of enjoyment too

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