What to Expect 5-6 Months


Between 5-6 months you will see some changes to your baby’s Daily Rhythm with regards to feeding, sleep and awake needs.


Once solids have been established, you will be able to drop a day milk feed to 4 milk feeds in total i.e on waking, after morning nap, before afternoon nap and in the evening. 


Your baby will be ready to drop a catnap during the day. Whilst this will give you flexibility to get out and about, be sure to support them for their bigger day sleeps to extend them past a 45-minute catnap. 

Awake times

You will notice that they can stay awake for much longer now and will be much more mobile. This is a great time to support your little one’s development with both at-home activities and getting outdoors.

As your baby gets closer to 6 months old, they will start to gain strength and be able to sit up unassisted. It is important not to rush them with sitting in a highchair until they are truly developmentally ready. 

A baby bouncer can be used prior to this stage and will be a useful when introducing solids, as they will be able to sit in a reclined, supported position. You should also pay close attention to what they are doing in their cot. 

Once they start pulling themselves up or sitting, your cot should be lowered immediately for safety – if you haven’t done so already.

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