What to expect: Your toddler at 14-16 months


Your toddler is a real little person now and you are probably amazed each day at their independence and capabilities.

If they are already walking around, you may need to give them time. They will love practising their new skill, but they may fall easily in the beginning. Remember, they are resilient – a rub and a hug usually works well!


Your toddler will be enjoying more meals than milk feeds during this stage, with milk feeds reducing to two during the day i.e. morning feed and evening feed. If you are bottle-feeding or no longer breastfeeding, these milk feeds can be from cows milk.


The biggest transition during this time is around the 14-month mark where your toddler moves from two day sleeps to one. Try to stay home for a few days during this time to help with the transition, as going out in the car will result in them falling asleep – automatically reverting them back to two sleeps.


Toddler Tantrums

These will generally come in two forms, one from frustration at not being able to achieve something and the other due to tiredness. Be sure to take the time to understand where your toddler is at i.e. are they overtired and you have taken them shopping? Or are they simply attempting to put a lid back onto something without much success? Time and patience are key!

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