We’ve got the secret to getting kids excited about co-operation, and we want to share it



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Updated on Jan 23, 2024 · 4 mins read
We’ve got the secret to getting kids excited about co-operation, and we want to share it

Parents understand all too well the frustration that can come from a child’s refusal to cooperate. It can wear on our patience and also cause us worry that their lack of cooperation will extend beyond the home and into social situations where it could become more of a problem.

The tricky thing about these situations is that the more they refuse to cooperate, the more our frustration and urgency rises, but kids are far less likely to respond to requests if they feel rushed or stressed out (surely you can relate!).

That’s where role playing can really come in handy – it puts some fun back into the mix and takes the pressure down a bit.

Now, while we are not suggesting that you stop everything and start playing a game in the middle of your morning battle of getting your little one to put on their shoes for school. However, by incorporating some fun initiatives during playtime you can call back to these moments when your child is making you grit your teeth!

PAW Patrol to the rescue! 

PAW Patrol is so much more than the show your kids want to watch for hours on end, it’s also an amazing tool for fostering conversations and play around co-operation and friendship.

As you are no doubt familiar, the concept revolves around a boy named Ryder and his trusty band of adorable pups – Chase, Zuma, Skye, Marshall, Rubble and more – who work together to protect Adventure Bay.

These characters demonstrate how cooperation is crucial for solving problems and having fun with friends, so it’s a great idea to use these trusty canines to set an example.

The PAW Patrol Lookout Tower Playset encourages cooperative play as children enjoy hours of entertainment taking on missions for Chase to carry out. For the maximum amount of fun the other PAWsome pups, like Marshall, Skye and Rubble, along with their own vehicles, can be added allowing children to see firsthand how cooperation makes everyone a winner.


If your little one is a water baby, The PAW Patrol Aqua Pups are ready for another exciting rescue mission in their all-new Whale Patroller Team Vehicle. 

Featuring real working wheels, a Chase action figure and Chase’s rescue vehicle, the Whale Patroller is equipped with everything you need for your super-charged rescue missions on the imaginary seas – and a perfect opportunity to chat to your kids about why cooperation is so important.

To really supercharge teamwork, why not collect all of the Aqua Pups figures and toy vehicles, to bring even action-packed adventures to life? The PAW Patrol toys provide such a beautiful opportunity for kids to re-enact their favorite scenes from the show and for parents and carers to initiate conversations around working together to achieve a common goal.


From playtime to real time

You could be wondering how on earth playing with Chase, Marshall, Skye and friends can help your children cooperate, hear us out!

Next time your little one is refusing to brush their teeth, remind them of what they learned during play time with PAW Patrol! Use the characters and any of the missions they took on and find a way to relate it back to the thing your child is refusing to do. You could even pretend to be a citizen of Adventure Bay who desperately needs {insert your child’s favorite character here) help in completing a task – this type of role playing translates so nicely into the real world.

Things to remember 

Although it is frustrating, it is also extremely common for children to sometimes not want to cooperate with other people – especially their parents!

Try to work with your child or children so you can lead by example and give praise and positive encouragement when they do cooperate.

As your child grows, so will their behaviour. Try to be consistent, firm, and loving and remember to have some fun too.

This is a paid partnership between Kiindred and PAW Patrol. 

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