What to expect at 8 weeks pregnant


Your baby

This week your baby becomes known as a fetus and it’s looking more human-like than ever! Despite of course what appears to be a tail (that will disappear very soon) and the head which is disproportionately large in comparison to the body which will also even out in no time.

Your baby also now has fingers and toes starting to form on its hands and feet, right now they still look like little notches and will initially be webbed before growing out.

At this stage, while you might be starting to wonder whether it’s a little boy or girl growing inside of you but it is too soon to tell as the external genitals haven’t formed enough for it to be detected just yet.

How you’re feeling

You’re deep into the first trimester now so you’re likely feeling tired, your boobs are sore (and getting bigger) and by now you might start to notice your waist thickening a little too – although chances are it’s probably still not noticeable to anyone except you!

Weekly tip

Your first ultrasound often takes place from around 8 weeks (depending on which healthcare system you’re going through) which can be very exciting to finally see your little one and make sure it’s all looking good in there, but it can also be a little overwhelming or worrying while you wait for that confirmation.

Schedule in a little couple time with your partner either before your scan or after to talk through how you’re both feeling and to mark the occasion. Let them know how you’re feeling and ask them how they are too. While much of the pregnancy focus is (and should be) on you, it can be important to remember to check in with your partner, as this is a big life change for them too.

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