What to expect at 22 weeks pregnant


Your baby

This week your baby’s features are becoming more and more distinct and they should be settling into somewhat of a routine of sleep and play (as it will when it’s born), which you will be able to determine by the kicks and movement. Your baby usually likes to be active while you’re resting and sleeping when you’re moving about – get used to this!

How you’re feeling

While you’re hopefully still feeling good and enjoying the second trimester, you might find that you do start to have some difficulty sleeping at night. As your bump continues to grow and get in the way, it can become uncomfortable to find a sleeping position that suits. As well as this pregnancy can wreak havoc on your sleep in other ways including, frequent urination, feeling the heat and sweating during the night, pregnancy insomnia, vivid dreams and restless leg syndrome to name but a few.

Weekly tip

Have you got yourself a pregnancy pillow yet? If you’re struggling to sleep at night one of the easiest ways to help make yourself a little more comfortable is with pillows. Some women swear by pregnancy pillows which come in an array of shapes and sizes, while others find a couple of extra regular pillows to prop you up/cuddle/place between the legs – this usually does the trick.Doctors also recommend sleeping on your side as the best position for baby (and after week around 20 avoid sleeping on your back). If you can, the left is best as baby and your uterus are getting heavy now and certain positions can put too much pressure on certain organs and even affect blood flow.

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