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The perks of being pregnant: 22 reasons being pregnant is awesome



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Created on Oct 10, 2023 · 3 mins read

Sometimes it can feel like pregnancy is all about what you can’t do/eat/drink, and then there’s morning sickness, back pain, heartburn, insomnia, weak bladders, need we go on. But whilst the endgame of getting your baby is, of course, the ultimate perk of being pregnant, here is a list of some other things that are also awesome about being up the duff – a good reminder for those days when you might not be feeling so great!

  1. Maternity clothes – yep the comfier, stretchier, softer the better!
  2. Naps – in fact the more sleep the better so really it would be wrong not to take a nap…
  3. Being a couch potato – don’t let Netflix question if you’re still watching: YES you are still watching and that’s ok!
  4. Not feeling the gym today? Take a guilt-free day off no worries #pregnancy
  5. It’s the ultimate excuse to get out of anything really – social events, work, housework..
  6. Guilt-free eating – taking a break from counting calories and indulging in your cravings and savouring the foods you love
  7. Mocktails – order that OTT drink with the giant umbrella and enjoy it
  8. People doing things for you – sit back guilt free while someone else scrubs the toilet and unpacks the dishwasher!
  9. Getting a seat on the packed bus or train
  10. Fly off the handle, say something silly or start crying for no reason? You can blame everything on pregnancy hormones
  11. Glamazon hair and strong nails – you might be living in trackies but at least your hair is on point thanks to all those crazy hormones!
  12. Enjoy sex without the fear/worry/hope of getting pregnant – just for the good old enjoyment of it!
  13. The excuse to get out of sex if you’re not feeling it!
  14. Embracing those beautiful curves – is there anything more beautiful than a pregnant body?
  15. Random kindness of strangers on the street (sometimes granted this is unwanted but sometimes a smile or a kind word from a stranger makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!)
  16. People letting you to the front of the queue.
  17. Midnight snacks with no judgement (or better yet getting your partner to drive at 3am to get you something you are craving).
  18. Feeling that baby move inside of you – is there any better feeling (yes even those rib jabs and kicks to the bladder are secretly kind of amazing).
  19. The sheer thought of how incredible what your body is doing right now – growing a human life.
  20. Shopping for baby clothes/toys – is there anything cuter?
  21. Decorating the nursery – is there anything more fun?
  22. The anticipation – knowing that you’re life is about to change and you’re about to meet this little person for the first time.

And finally, knowing that despite all the side effects, the pain, the discomfort and everything you are going without, that once it’s all over you’ll secretly miss it and that having that precious little baby inside if you is the most special, wonderful privilege in the world.

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