What to expect at 16 weeks pregnant

Dr Christine Catling
Dr Christine Catling
Dr Christine Catling, a midwife for over 25 years, is the Director of Midwifery Studies at UTS. She believes research, innovation and good quality midwifery are pivotal to the well-being of mothers and young families. Christine has extensive experience in antenatal education, policy development and research, and has published on workforce issues, homebirth, vaginal birth...
Created on Oct 11, 2023 · 2 mins read

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Your baby

This week your baby’s bones are beginning to firm up and muscles can now respond to signals from the brain, which means movement becomes less jerky. This is a good thing because your baby is moving A LOT now!

Your baby has been growing rapidly up until now, but this week marks the start of another growth spurt, which will see your baby double in size in a matter of weeks.

How you’re feeling

Hopefully, you’ve settled nicely into the second trimester now and you’re basking in what many mums say is the nicest phase of the pregnancy. Your bump is possibly visible by now for you to proudly show off – and any pressure of having to hide it hopefully behind you.

Weekly tip

Now that you finally have signs of a baby bump you might want to think about slathering that bump in stretch mark cream or oil to try and help prevent stretch marks, while the skin stretches to make way for your growing house guest.

There are a number of options on the market that are safe to use, or you can simply opt for a moisturiser if you’d prefer. Whatever you use, make sure you keep the skin hydrated morning and night and remember to drink lots of water too. Don’t forget to pop some oil or moisturiser on your boobs too as these will grow and can also get stretch marks.

You don’t need to go forking out big bucks on “miracle creams” as there really is no such thing, it really comes down to genetics, some women douse themselves in expensive oils and still get them, and some do nothing and get none. Unfortunately it’s all up to your body – and your baby – can’t hurt to try though right!

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