20 reasons dads are awesome

Emmy Samtani
Emmy Samtani
Emmy is the founder of Kiindred and mother to 3 little ones. Over the last 4 years, she has worked with some of the most credible experts in the parenting space and is a keen contributor on all things parenthood.
Updated on Jun 18, 2024 · 4 mins read

*For the sake of this article, we will refer to this role as ‘father' or ‘dad', however, we understand that this father-figure role can take several forms, all of which are equally relevant and amazing.

It's no secret that we love dads at Kiindred! While we know that there are parts of parenthood that are mostly about mums (there's no avoiding that), we also know that all families are different and come in all shapes and sizes. Some dads stay at home (we see you, legends!) and others work hard outside the home to provide financial income and stability for the family.

These days, dads are getting more involved in child-rearing than ever before – and because we know that the role of a father – or a father figure – is so important in a child’s development, it’s beautiful to see.

Dads who play tea parties and dress-ups, who scare the monsters away and who teach our children that it’s ok to cry and be vulnerable and to say, ‘I love you’, dads who get in and cook dinner, who do the dishes and contribute to running the household and raising the kids, we think you’re awesome.

Of course, we know that in some families, it’s mum who fixes blocked sinks, builds the flat packs and kills the spiders, and not every family has a mother and a father – some have one, some have none and some have two!

But what makes dads awesome aren’t genetics or labels, it’s that amazing person who says all the right things, gives the warmest hugs, will prepare snacks for you to eat while you watch your favourite movie, and is front-row cheering for you when you’re scared to perform on stage, sets the best example, and above all – puts you and your family first (dads are awesome, right)!

So, here’s a light-hearted look at just some of the many reasons we love dads.

They're the best companion (for any activity)

  1. Rough play – this is something many of us females just don’t understand (which is great because while the kids jump all over Dad we can go and enjoy a hot cuppa in peace…)
  2. Have you ever seen a dad play tea parties? Enough said.
  3. Dad jokes – yep, who doesn’t love a good dad joke? The cornier, the better!
  4. They’re great nap buddies – can’t find your partner? Chances are he’s fallen asleep while putting the kids down – again!

They will do anything to put a smile on their child's face

  1. They’ll do whatever it takes for the kids to be safe and happy – even if that means fighting off an imaginary monster under the bed or going on a bear hunt…
  2. Another reason dads are awesome – they keep the kids occupied with their hobbies and pass on their extensive knowledge on the subject. They’re all about DIY tutorial videos on Facebook or YouTube.
  3. Dads might not love the socks, undies and ties he gets every year for his birthday/fathers day/Christmas but you better believe he’s going to wear them with pride anyway.
  4. They’re not afraid to play fairy princess dress-ups and give the character their full commitment (and know all the words to all the Frozen songs!)

They take care of everyone, no matter what

  1. They learn how to do a ponytail and braid hair like a pro.
  2. They helped make you a parent and that’s pretty awesome in itself.
  3. They put up with all your hormones and ridiculous pregnancy cravings (and so he should, you’re doing the heavy lifting but still).
  4. They’re happy to play cars and trucks for hours – and explain how they work and what’s under the hood.

They do all the jobs no one else wants to

  1. They take the bins out (even if you have to gently remind him a few times).
  2. They build cool stuff for the kids, like go-carts and cubby houses.
  3. They work hard (often, but not always) outside the home to contribute to the family’s overall sustenance and wellbeing
  4. They don’t sweat the small stuff, which is sometimes infuriating but it also provides balance.

They always know how to make everyone feel better

  1. They bring a different perspective to situations, have answers that you might not have and complement what you bring to the table.
  2. They teach kids that it’s ok to be vulnerable sometimes, to cuddle and to cry.
  3. They give great bear hugs – and bonus points for piggybacks and throwing the kids in air (not too high, of course!)
  4. They’re our partner in crime – when the sh*t hits the fan, the kids are crazy and the house is a mess, knowing you’ve got them next to you to laugh with, cry with and cuddle up with yourself after the kids go down is priceless.

Wrapping it up

So, whether the dad in your life does all these or just a couple – don’t forget to tell him he’s doing a great job and that you appreciate him. Let him know that you think all dads are awesome, but him even more so. Along with a ‘Happy Father’s Day’, of course. 

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