20 old wives tales for guessing the gender of your baby

Emmy Samtani
Emmy Samtani
Emmy is the founder of Kiindred and mother to 3 little ones. Over the last 4 years, she has worked with some of the most credible experts in the parenting space and is a keen contributor on all things parenthood.
Updated on Jun 14, 2024 · 5 mins read

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These days more and more people are opting to find out whether they’re expecting a boy or a girl. However, there are still plenty of traditionalists who prefer to wait until the big day to find out. If you fall into that camp, chances are you’re still dying to know what the gender will be and analysing every symptom for some clue!   While not backed up by much (if any?) actual science or research, here are 20 “old wives tales” that people say can predict the gender of your baby.   And while of course, they’re a little bit of fun, take each of them with a grain of salt and know the only real way to tell is to ask your doctor to tell you – or wait until the big day!

1. Morning sickness

The theory goes if you were sick (nausea and/or vomiting) in the first trimester you’re having a girl.

2. Are you craving salty or sweet?

If you’re craving sugar and sweet things then you’re likely to be having a girl, whereas if it’s salty or savoury then it’s a boy.

3. Have you got that “glow”?

According to the old wives (whoever they were!) if the baby is “stealing your beauty” and you don’t feel like you’re looking your best then it’s a little girl in there. But if you’ve got that pregnancy glow and never looked better, then chances are it’s a boy.


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4. Partner’s weight gain…

Some theories suggest that if it’s not only you packing on the pounds during your pregnancy, but your partner is too, then there’s a girl in there. But if your partner stays the same then it’s a boy.

5. Are you on an emotional rollercoaster?

Pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster in itself, but some old wives tales suggest that if you’re feeling extra emotional or moody then it might just be a girl growing inside of you. But if you’re mostly happy and chilled then it’s a good chance it’s a boy.

6. Do your pupils dilate?

Stand in front of a mirror for a minute and look into your eyes – if your pupils dilate then chances are it’s a boy, if they stay the same then it’s a girl coming your way.

7. How you’re carrying

While rational thinking says this one is probably more about your body type, some theories suggest if you’re carrying high and wide – it’s a girl. And if you’re low and forward, it’s a boy.

8. The ring test

The theory goes that if you get a ring and tie it on a string (or a strand of your hair) and let it hang above the belly, it can predict the gender of your baby. Hold the ring over your belly and watch whether it swings from side-to-side for a BOY or round in a circle for a GIRL.

Tip: This test apparently tells you all your children, so if you already have one (or more) you need to watch for whether it changes – or stays the same.

9. The baby’s heart rate

This theory suggests that if a baby’s heart rate is above 140bpm then it’s a girl and below then it’s a boy. Some suggest however that this is only applicable for their heart rate right before birth. And some say it’s nonsense altogether.

10. Linea Nigra

The Linea Nigra is the dark line that often forms on a woman’s belly during pregnancy. While not all women will get it, the rumour goes that if the line goes all the way up your belly then it’s a boy but if it stops at your belly button then it’s a girl.

11. It’s all in the skin

How is your skin feeling? Extra dry and scaly – then slap on some moisturizer and get set for a boy. If it’s soft and supple – then chances are it’s likely to be a girl.

12. Are your locks lush or limp?

Apparently, if your hair is looking dull/limp/greasy then you’re growing a girl but if it’s feeling thick/lush/shiny (lucky you!) then it’s a boy. Speaking of hair, if the hair on the rest of your body is growing fast then you’re also more likely to be having a boy…

13. Got cold feet?

Literally not figuratively that is – if you’re reaching for the socks and find your tootsies are feeling a chill then rumour says it’s a boy.

14. Boobs got something to tell you?

While you’ve undoubtedly noticed a number of changes to your boobs since finding out you were pregnant, take another look because according to those old wives if your right boob is bigger than your left, you’re having a boy.

15. The nose, knows…

Noticed your nose seems to have changed since you fell pregnant? Does it feel bigger or wider? Then some theories suggest its more likely that there’s a boy in that belly of yours.

16. Headaches bringing you down?

Have you suffered from headaches during your pregnancy? One theory says that the more headaches you have during your pregnancy the more likely you are to have a boy.

17. Suddenly leaving the crusts off your sandwich?

Well who knows where this one came from but some theorists say that if you suddenly don’t like eating the crusts on your bread then a girl might be on her way.

18. Which way do you sleep?

Take note of which way you lie when you sleep (sleep, ha what is that?) but if you lie on the left side then prepare for a boy, and if you favour the right then prepare for a girl.

19. What does your wee have to say?

Yep, next time you go to the loo take a look at the colour of your urine – bright yellow indicates boy and dull yellow indicates girl (or maybe you just need to drink more water because your wee should be as clear as possible if you’re getting enough h2o!

20. What is the shape of your bump?

If your belly is perfectly round like a basketball then apparently it’s a boy, but if it’s a little more oddly shaped like watermelon then chances are it’s a girl.

Always remember that these theories are not grounded in anything but the spirit of good fun. So have a little laugh while trying to guess what your bub might be and make sure you don’t take them too seriously.

But know there’s nothing better than the actual moment when they arrive and you do finally get that answer!

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