10 fun ways to tell your partner you’re pregnant!

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

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Updated on Jun 14, 2024 · 3 mins read
10 fun ways to tell your partner you’re pregnant!

For many of us, when we find out we’re pregnant our partner is either right there next to us, or we quickly run into the room and blurt it out the minute we find out. But if you’re good at keeping a secret and like to have a little fun, then a pregnancy announcement is the perfect way to break the happy news to your partner.

Whether you decide to go all out, or simply tell them in your own sweet way, there are loads of unique, fun (and we have to say it ‘all-out cheesy’), ways that will suit everyone.

Here are some that we love:

1. Use your oven

A little play on words can be a super fun reveal. Put a large bun on a plate in your oven and ask your partner to take something out of the oven for you. They will most likely be very confused, but as soon as you say, “there’s a bun in our oven!” a smile will undoubtedly appear.

2. Get yourself two plates at dinner

Make a delish meal for you and your partner and pile food onto two plates for yourself. When they question why you need two plates, tell him you’re eating for two now!

3. Hide it in the groceries

Stock up on your usual food at the shops but add some nappies or baby food. Ask them to unpack the groceries and wait until their confused faces look over at you holding it.

4. Tell them you’ve got them some new reading material

If they’re avid readers, buy them a parenting book and put it near their side of the bed. They’ll be beyond excited for some new reading material but won’t expect that.

5. Wear a shirt around the house

Buy yourself a trendy shirt saying something like, “Does this shirt make me look pregnant?” and strut around the house. It will most likely take them a bit to notice and fully read it, but once they do a fun reaction will come.

6. Take them to the shops and direct them to the maternity section

Try to steer them into the direction of the mama section of the store and ask them what they think of some of the clothing there. Tell them you might need to start trying stuff on. Hopefully, they’ll pick up on this quickly.

7. Place some baby shoes next to their shoes

Buy some tiny shoes and put them next to the place your partner puts their shoes after work. There is no way they’ll be able to ignore the unfamiliar (and super cute) sight.

8. Hide the test amongst his things

Before you’re back together again after taking the test, place it somewhere you know they will be looking. You could put it on their bedside table or on their shelf in the bathroom. It’ll be a pretty fun moment when they notice it sitting there!

9. Decorate a cake

Give them a blue and pink layered cake with little baby designs and something like “I’m pregnant!” or “we’re expecting!” written on it. Something yummy and celebratory all in one.

10. Leave them a note with a food equivalent

A handwritten note goes a long way nowadays. Write out the news and place some chia seeds next to it saying, “our baby is the size of a chia seed!” Reading it out loud will fill them with excitement and surprise.

Have fun getting creative and get excited for your big reveal!

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