What to expect at 25 weeks pregnant


Your baby

Baby is starting to look more like a newborn with its wrinkly skin, slowly but surely starting to smooth out as the fat stores start to thicken and the skin loses its transparency. Bones are also starting to harden and the adult teeth are starting to form below the milk teeth in the gums.

How you’re feeling

You’re hopefully still feeling energetic, but are probably starting to feel very “pregnant” now. While your body works to grow your baby it can take its toll on the rest of you, and you might be suffering from other pregnancy symptoms including constipation, gas and bloating, haemorrhoids, swollen feet and ankles, heartburn, aching legs, sweaty, back pain… to name but a few.

Weekly tip

Speaking of your baby’s teeth – how are yours doing? Now is a good time to book in for a dreaded visit to the dentist if you haven’t been in a while. Pregnancy can affect a woman’s teeth and gums with all the hormonal changes going on in your body, so it’s good to tick off a visit to the dentist before you’re too uncomfortable in the chair – just make sure you let them know you’re pregnant so they don’t use anything or perform any treatments that are unsafe for the baby.Also make sure you’re practicing good dental hygiene at home, thoroughly brushing twice and day and don’t forget to floss!

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