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Don’t leave home without it: Your must-have toiletry items when travelling with the family

Bella Brennan

Bella Brennan

Bella is a writer and editor with over a decade of experience in women’s publishing and digital media. In her spare time, she loves making up dances to the Wiggles with her two little girls, swimming in the ocean and trying to sneak away from her family for a cheeky nap.
Created on Oct 29, 2023 · 5 mins read
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One of the biggest things these past two years have made us long for more than anything (aside from cuddles with our loved ones and not having to panic-buy toilet paper) — is the joy of travel. In the depths of the pandemic, the notion of hopping on a plane and flying abroad to an exciting destination seemed about as plausible as travelling to Mars.

But with travel finally back on the cards and the world opening back up, more and more families are heading off on adventures with their kids in tow. Whether it’s flying OS to a warmer part of the globe (is it just us or does it feel like everyone is living their best Europe life right now?), or heading south for a cosy winter to our neighbours in New Zealand, there is nothing more precious than making special memories with your family. It’s what life is all about! And after getting through the pandemic, parents are hungrier than ever to escape for a well-deserved break.

One thing that’s not so joyful? The planning, packing, and behind-the-scenes admin of a family holiday. Gone are the days of simply throwing in a few cute outfits, some swimmers, and your toiletries at the eleventh hour. Getting your entire household ready for a trip starts weeks before you actually get there. You’ve probably written a list for every member of your family and you’re slowly starting to fill in the gaps for any outstanding items you need before you jet off.

Flying with kids can be challenging to say the least and super harsh on everyone’s skin. So to help parents, we’ve teamed up with Mustela and compiled a comprehensive list of the must-have toiletry items you should pack for holidays.

Your ultimate toiletries travel kit

Baby wipes

Whether you’re wiping your little one’s bottom or cleaning up their face after a rather delightful meal at the breakfast buffet, Mustela’s Cleansing Wipes with Avocado will do all the heavy lifting of cleaning up the inevitable messes that pop up while you’re away.

Children’s Panadol

There’s nothing worse than a sick bubba and it’s even harder if your little one is unwell when they’re away from their usual familiar surroundings. Make sure you pack some baby Panadol in your toiletries just in case sickness strikes!


Similarly, make sure you always bring a thermometer in your kit so you can take your little one’s temperature if you’re concerned they’re spiking a fever. It’s also handy for taking the temperature of bath water.


No matter the climate, suncream is always a must to protect your little one’s precious skin. You want something gentle but effective, like Cancer Council’s Kids SPF 50+ sunscreen.

Toothpaste and toothbrushes

You might be breaking from your usual weekday routine but certain rituals have to stick, including making sure your kids brush their teeth! But hey, at least they can do it from a dreamy new location.

Mustela Multi-purpose Balm with 3 Avocado Extracts

A long-haul flight can be harsh on everyone’s skin so make sure you pack a tube of the Mustela Multi-purpose Balm with 3 Avocado Extracts. This super nourishing formula is somewhat of an overachiever and can be used on just about everything — from your little one’s chapped cheeks to dad’s dry elbows. 100% vegan and formulated with 99.7% ingredients of natural origin, this hardworking balm is the ultimate item to pack in your toiletries bag because it can be used on dry skin on your face, neck, lips, elbows, hands, cuticles, feet, and everywhere in-between — so pack your passport and pack your Mustela Multi-purpose Balm!

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Mustela’s Multi-purpose Balm with 3 Avocado Extracts

Mustela’s Multi-purpose Balm with 3 Avocado Extracts


Boo boos still happen even while you’re away! Opt for designs of your kids’ favourite characters or TV shows, like these Frozen bandaids, to make the ouchie moment less upsetting.

Multi-purpose wash

Space is always tight when you’re packing for the whole family, which is why we recommend using a multi-purpose wash like Mustela’s Gentle Cleansing Gel with Avocado, which cleanses the face, body and hair of bubs and kids. It’s gentle formula protects and respects your little one’s skin.

Multi-purpose wash

Space is always tight when you’re packing for the whole family, which is why we recommend using a multi-purpose wash like Mustela’s Gentle Cleansing Gel with Avocado, which cleanses the face, body and hair of bubs and kids. It’s gentle formula protects and respects your little one’s skin.

Nail clippers

Don’t let their claws get overgrown while you’re away!

Compact hair brush

Another nifty tool to have in your toolkit is the Unicorn Hair Brush from Seed. The gentle detangling brush makes brushing your little one’s hair a breeze, with its flexible bristles that gently smooth out any knots. Another bonus is that it’s the perfect compact size for travel.

Gentle body wash

Don’t risk relying on your accommodation’s body wash as it might not be gentle enough for your little one’s skin. Mustela’s Stelatopia Cleansing Oil has a gorgeous nourishing texture that gently cleanses and envelops baby’s skin in a protective film, preventing from the drying effect of hard water and is a fail-safe option for sensitive skin.

Personalised toiletries bag

Get your child excited for their impending trip by treating them to a personalised toiletries bag with their name on it. Hippo Blue lets you customise your case with a variety of cute decals, colours, and themes.

No one wants to get to their destination and then realise they’ve forgotten something absolutely crucial, so planning ahead, making lists, channeling your inner Santa and checking them twice (or even thrice) — can make a huge difference. Then once you arrive, you can be fully present and get to work on making some life-long memories for the history books!

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