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Origin: Sri Lanka
Region Origin: Southern Asia

Samantha is a feminine given name with its origins in both Hebrew and Greek languages. The name is believed to be a combination of the Hebrew name Samuel, meaning "God has heard" or "name of God," and the Greek word Anthea, meaning "flower" or "blossom". Another theory suggests that it was a feminine form of Samuel blended with the Greek word "anthos," which means "flower". The name Samantha first appeared in 18th century America and became more popular in the 1960s. The meaning of Samantha is often given as the feminine form of Samuel, which is "God has heard". However, it is also associated with the Aramaic origin, meaning "listens well". The name Samantha has been popular in various English-speaking countries and has also been used in Mexico. Some popular nicknames for Samantha include Sam, Sammie, Sammy, and Sami.

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