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Origin: Estonia
Region Origin: Northern Europe

Paige is a gender-neutral given name with origins in Latin, French, and English. It is derived from the Byzantine "Págius," which means "young helper" or "mate of young nobles," and is connected to the Greek "Paidion," meaning "child". In medieval times, a page was typically a young boy who served in a household as the first step in training to become a knight. The name Paige, with an "i," is more commonly recognized as a girl's name, but it also maintains gender-neutral status. The meaning of Paige is "assistant" or "helper". The origin of the name Paige dates back to medieval times when it was an occupational name for a young male servant in training to be a knight. In French, the name Paige means "young servant". Today, the name Paige is primarily given to girls, although it has been used for boys as well. The name Paige has been popular in North America since the middle of the 20th century. Some notable people named Paige include professional wrestler Saraya Bevis, poet Paige Ackerson-Kiely, and basketball player Paige Bueckers.

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