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Origin: France
Region Origin: Western Europe

Rémy, also spelled as Remy, Rémi, Remie, Rémie, or Remi, is a name of French origin meaning "oarsman" and is associated with the Latin name Remigius. It is used as either a surname or as a male or female given name. The name has its roots in the northern region of France and is believed to be associated with ambition and adventure due to its significance. The origin of the name Rémy can be traced back to the medieval personal name, which represents a combination of two distinct Latin names: Remigius (a derivative of remex, meaning 'rower' or 'oarsman') and Remedius (from remedium, meaning 'cure' or 'remedy'). The name has evolved over time and has many spelling variations owing to its popularity in different languages and cultures. It is also considered a gender-neutral name of French and English origins.

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