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Origin: South Africa
Region Origin: Southern Africa

Darryl is a gender-neutral name with roots in both French and English origin, meaning "from Airelle," "darling," or "beloved". It is derived from the English surname Darrell, which comes from the Norman-French d'Airelle, a term used to refer to someone from the village of Airelle in France. Although the village no longer exists, the word "airelle" is still used as the French word for "huckleberry". In English, Darryl is an endearing moniker meaning "darling" or "beloved". The name Darryl has a meaning of "beloved" or "talented person". It is often associated with the Old English word "deorling," which translates to "darling". With such a namesake, the name Darryl serves as a constant reminder of love and care for those who bear it.

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