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Origin: Cambodia
Region Origin: South-Eastern Asia

Peyton is a gender-neutral name with Irish and English origins. In Ireland, it is considered a variant of Patrick, while in England, it was a habitational surname before becoming popularized as a given name. The name has two primary meanings: "fighting man's estate" and "Pæga's settlement". The latter meaning refers to an enclosure or farm, derived from the Old English words "pega" and "tun". The name Peyton has its roots in medieval history, evoking images of English warriors defending their territory. In modern times, it has been popularized by famous namesakes such as football player Peyton Manning, actress Peyton List, and the fictional character Peyton Sawyer from the TV show "One Tree Hill". The name has been on the rise for both boys and girls, with Peyton Manning credited for its increased popularity among boys.

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