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Origin: Romania
Region Origin: Eastern Europe

Gabriel is a given name derived from the Hebrew name Gaḇrīʾēl (גַבְרִיאֵל), meaning "God is my strength" or "God is a strong man". The name has its origins in the Hebrew elements "gever," which means "strong man" or "hero," and "el," meaning "God". The name Gabriel is popularized by its association with the angel Gabriel, who is an archangel in Hebrew tradition and often appears as a messenger of God. In the Bible, Archangel Gabriel delivers the news of Jesus's birth to Mary, while in Islam, he inspires Muhammad to write the Quran. The name Gabriel is used in various languages and cultures, with numerous variants such as Gabrielle, Gaby, Gabriela, and Gabryel. It is a unisex name, but it is more commonly used as a masculine name.

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