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Origin: Liberia
Region Origin: Western Africa

Maddison is a modern variation of the patronymic surname Madison, which has its roots in English and German origins. The name is derived from a non-standard spelling of Mathieson, meaning "son of Matthew" or "Matthew's son". Another meaning of Maddison is "to assassinate" or "powerful battler". The name also has roots in the German word "Maud," which means "son (or descendant) of the mighty warrior". In addition, Maddison is associated with the Old English name "Mæthild," which means "strength in battle". The name Maddison has a rich background, with its origins in both English and German languages. It is a gender-neutral name, suitable for those with a tougher edge. The meaning of Maddison varies, ranging from "strength in battle" to "mighty warrior" and even "gift from God" in some contexts. The name evokes feelings of ambition and adventure, making it a popular choice for modern families. Among the 1,218 baby names in the Verywell Family database, Maddison is currently the 983rd most popular name.

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