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Origin: France
Region Origin: Western Europe

The name Gregory is a masculine given name that has its roots in both Greek and Latin languages. It derives from the Latin name "Gregorius," which came from the late Greek name "Γρηγόριος" (Grēgórios), meaning "watchful" or "alert". The name is also associated with Latin "grex" (stem "greg-"), meaning "flock" or "herd". through folk etymology, the name became associated with Latin "grex" (stem "greg-"), meaning "flock" or "herd". The origin of the name Gregory can be traced back to the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of England, and it gained popularity through its association with various religious figures, such as Pope Gregory the Great, who served as Pope from 590 to 604 AD. The name is often associated with being watchful, alert, and having a protective nature, as it is derived from the Greek word "gregoros," which means "who was the patron saint of Armenia". Overall, the name Gregory has a rich history and is a popular name in many cultures, with various forms in different languages.

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