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Origin: South Africa
Region Origin: Southern Africa

Courtney is a gender-neutral name with a French origin, derived from the French name Courtenay and the Latin word "curtus," meaning short. The name Courtney translates to "short nose" and is pronounced as KORT-nee. It is also associated with the city Courtenay in Vancouver Island, Canada. The name has been used as both a first name and a surname, and it has been associated with aristocratic families in both France and Britain. The origin of the name Courtney can be traced back to several possible sources. One interpretation is that it is derived from the inhabitants of Courtenay, a town near Sens in northern France. Another interpretation is that it is a derivation of the Irish name O'Curnáin, meaning "descendant of Curnán". The name was also assigned to Romano-Gallic landlords that inhabited northern regions of France, who were referred to as Curtenus. Additionally, the name Courtney could have an Anglo-Saxon origin, referring to someone who dwelled by a royal court.

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