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Water is the ultimate source of nourishment for almost every area of your physical health, and especially during pregnancy. Water helps with energy, digestion, maintaining body temperature and blood pressure, and plenty more.
Food & Nutrition
You’re sure to have plenty of questions as you dive into the wonderful world of food with your little one. Are you doing it correctly? Should they be eating more or less? What do I do if they refuse food? Paediatric Nutritionist Mandy Sacher shares her top tips for ensuring you are setting them up in the right way for better long-term healthy eating habits.
Health & Wellness
Bringing a new life into the world requires a lot of changes to your own! There are exercises you should do, positions you should sleep in, and food you’re supposed to eat. Your little one relies completely on what nutrients you put in your body, so eating pizza and ice cream all day might not seem so tasty anymore. No matter how much you want to indulge in your favourite sushi or...
At around 6 months of age, the iron stores that your baby was born with will drastically reduce. This is why it is important to start your baby on solids around this time – if not beforehand. If you are introducing your baby to solid food through baby-led weaning, try not to limit their choices to “appropriate finger foods”. There are many other ways that you can offer foods, where your...
A baby’s relationship with food and associated preferences are shaped from the very first taste of food that touches their tongue. When you start them on solids it can be a lot of pressure feeling like you need to make everything from scratch. Commercial baby food is often jam-packed full of hidden sugars and high levels of sodium as they know this will keep your baby coming back for more....
Health & Wellness
Choosing a healthy snack for your labour can be very specific to the individual depending on how your body feels. However, snacks like protein bars, protein balls, fruit, smoothies and even dried fruit are great options to provide some quick energy. Many women feel nauseous during birth so smoothies and coconut water are a great option to stay energised, hydrated, and satiated.
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