Meet the kiindred team

A wild mix of personalities and talents that make kiindred what it is today.


Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

Why I love being part of Kiindred

I’ve always wanted to be part of a project that can better someone’s experience or help them in life in some way. After the birth of my son, I realised how mega crazy the world of parenthood can be. It involves new friends, new learnings, challenges and self-doubt. We developed kiindred from real life experiences needed when entering parenthood; inspiration on how we can make the most of our lives with our children!

Favourite toy as a little one

A remote control car. I was a massive tomboy and loved how precisely I could drive that car on track. I was also pretty obsessed with my tamagotchi – really brought out the mum in me.

Now I’m all grown up

I’ve been leading teams in marketing, advertising and communications for a little over 10 years. I have been blessed to work with some of Australia’s best agencies and brands. Though I love (and am slightly addicted to) my work, I am prouder to be the mother of my little boy Arlo.. oh and French Bulldog Ninja.

Stuff i like

It used to be laps at the pool, beach and yoga… but like most new parents; creative cooking, washing, reading books on trucks and chasing a very energetic child around are my new-found hobbies!

What inspires you?

Beautifully kind people who make an effort to make others smile somehow. I’m pretty damn inspired by my husband’s patience and realistic approach to life and people. My own parents have always been inspiring and continue to inspire me (and they never had apps to help them!).


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