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Origin: Serbia
Region Origin: Southern Europe

Mila is a feminine name with multiple origins and meanings. In Spanish, it comes from the word "milagros," which means "miracles". In Slavic languages, it has various interpretations, such as "favored" or "gracious". In Russian, it means "gracious" or "dear one". In some Slavic languages, it can also mean "industrious" and "hardworking". Additionally, in Hebrew, Mila means "word" and refers to the word of God. The name Mila can also be a diminutive of Camila, which can mean "helper to the priest" in English. The name Mila has a rich cultural background, with its origins in Latin languages, Slavic languages, and Hebrew. While it is predominantly given to girls, there are instances where boys have carried the name as well. Some notable characters named Mila can be found in pop culture, including video games, TV series, and movies.

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