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Get ‘Wild at Home’ during lockdown with fun activities for all ages



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Created on Oct 19, 2023 · 2 mins read

As more and more of us are in lockdown across the country – those of us in Sydney are entering our 8th week (and Victorian’s have all but lost count – we’re all desperately looking for ways to keep our little ones entertained (and keep a shred of sanity ourselves).

It’s not easy, but know we’re right in it with you! So we’re always on the hunt for fun, easy ways to pass the hours and to break up that ‘groundhog day’ feeling we’re all experiencing right now.

Our friends over at Merlin Entertainment have created the Wild at Home Hub which aims to keep little brains enthralled with at-home activities and entertainment from their SEA LIFE Aquarium and WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. From storytime with the animals and colouring-in printouts for the littlest ones, to keeper talks, craft projects and easy science experiments for the bigger kids.

They have a whole range of activities which have been broken down into three sections depending on what age and interests your children have.

1. Fishy and Fluffy Friends

Designed for the littlest animal lovers and contains colouring-in activity sheets, storytime at the Zoo and interactive activity sheets like guessing the animal sounds.

2. Junior Keepers

Designed for junior primary school kids, this section contains animal fact sheets including sharks and penguins, word search games, dot-to-dots, and fun plus simple educations sheets to support their learning and development in a fun and engaging way.

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3. Creature Questers

Designed for senior primary school kids, this contains craft videos – from how to recycle household items for art – to educational task sheets and fun science experiments. There are also video links to Q&As with Keepers and everything little minds need to become a Junior Keeper!

The keepers are working hard to keep all the animals safe and healthy during this time, and so they are hosting live-streaming sessions which are a lot of fun.

These are such crazy and uncertain times we are living in and there is so much pressure on parents right now, whether it’s entertaining energetic toddlers or battling with the demands of homeschooling. It’s a lot

And it’s safe to say screen time is going through the roof right now in most households. So it’s good to find solutions that can be nourishing little minds, whilst also giving you a few moments of peace to enjoy a deep breath and a cup of tea. Let’s all remember to go easy on ourselves – and you might even enjoy tuning in to watch the animals too!

For more information and to check out the Wild At Home Hub click here.

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