Tell those nasty head lice to Moov along with this simple solution


When you dream of having a family, you probably think about adorable onesies, lots of cuddles, you’ll sing nursery rhymes and soak in that baby smell… And sure in the beginning there is plenty of that. But flash forward to having a toddler or preschooler and you realise reality is much more chaotic and messy than that Instagram reality you thought you were getting into. 

And there’s one nasty in particular that can strike fear into even the most seasoned parents… head lice! They’re gross, they’re barely visible, they reproduce at an alarming rate and can survive without a host for up to 2 days. What THE? Gross.

So that’s why ALL parents need a nit toolkit at the ready to help them tackle these nasty little nits head-on.

In just three applications (7 days apart) the MOOV Head Lice Solution helps kill not only those nasty head lice but their eggs too. Helping to break the life cycle and stopping them in their creepy little tracks. 

Recommended for use on normal scalps, the MOOV head lice solution uses a combination of natural essential oils to interfere with the biochemical mechanisms of the head louse, causing death by poisoning.

As well as the Head Lice Solution, MOOV is armed and ready with a range of products to not only kill the head lice and their eggs – but breaking the cycle and preventing them from returning.

The MOOV Head Lice range is broken down into three functions:

  1. Kill: using the Moov Head Lice Solution
  2. Remove: using the MOOV Combing Conditioner and head lice removal comb
  3. Prevent: using the MOOV Head Lice Defence Spray leave-in conditioning spray

The MOOV Head Lice Defence Spray is a game-changer at helping keep nits at bay. Applied to hair like a daily leave-in conditioner it helps protect against head lice for up to eight hours. The spray makes hair unpleasant to lice, whilst conditioning the hair. Win-win. 

The range is the result of over five years of research, supported by the Australian Federal Governments STAR Grant. The MOOV Head Lice range is free from traditional pediculicides (permethrins, pyrethrins, malathions) and is the Number 1 selling brand in Pharmacy1. MOOV understands the confusion faced by parents in knowing who to trust when it comes to choosing head lice products and that’s why they created their simple 3 function range.

When you have a child you can’t help but want to wrap them up in cotton wool (or adorable onesies), you just want to keep them safe from any bumps, bruises and of course, germs. But the reality is, we can’t protect them from everything… so knowing which products you can trust to care for and protect your little one when you can’t, is so important.

1. IQVIA, Head Lice, Australia Pharmacy Value Sales, 12th February 2022 MAT data

Always read the label and follow directions for use. Consult your healthcare professional before use on infants under 6 months. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

This is a paid partnership between Kiindred X MOOV.

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