Stressed about Christmas shopping? Jellystone is to the rescue!

Lyndsey Rodrigues

Lyndsey Rodrigues

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Updated on Mar 07, 2024 · 4 mins read
Stressed about Christmas shopping? Jellystone is to the rescue!

With Christmas mere weeks (!) away, you might be frantically trying to cross things off of your seemingly never ending holiday “to do” list.

From picking the perfect tree, sending holiday cards, catching up with family and friends and everything in between, the dreaded task of Christmas shopping can feel like a marathon you haven’t done the training for!

Well, good news if you are a parent of a toddler or are looking for the perfect gift for any toddlers in your life because Jellystone has just the ticket with their beautifully crafted range of sensory toys and teethers.

Made from non-toxic silicone, Jellystone designs are made to safely support children who are using all their senses to explore and make sense of our incredible world – which makes them ideal Christmas gifts for curious little ones.

Glo Pals Sensory Jar 

Got a toddler who is 18 months or over? The Glo Pals Sensory Jar will keep them amused for ages! Simply add water and then you can tap the jar to make it glow and change colours (AAA batteries required).


The sensory jar is great for travel and stimulates creative expression and experimentation. You can also add any other elements to the jar that you like – from glitter to little figurines or whatever your child’s imagination dreams up!

Glo Pal Cube Party Pal 

For kids 3 and up, the Glo Pal Cube Party Pal is a great option – this water-activated light-up sensory toy is for the bath and will transform your tub into a new kind of adventure.

All you need to do is put them in water and watch them light up. Then shake them off, dry and place them on the side. Bath time has never been more fun!

Each cube lasts a minimum of 16 lighted hours (not including when dry) and around 30 days on average. The cubes (each pack comes with 4) are then recyclable too so our eco-conscious friends can feel good about purchasing.


Ocean Stacking Cups

And the bathtime fun isn’t just reserved for the bigger kids, babies 9 months and over can also make the most of their time in the water with Jellystone’s Ocean Stacking Cups.

Your kiddos can explore marine life through sensory play by stacking the cups up, nesting them, hiding objects under them and loads more. As children play with the Ocean Stacking Cups, they learn about marine creatures as each cup features a different ocean animal: whales, sharks, turtles, octopus and crab. Simply add the cups to bath time; scoop and pour, sink and float the cups or use as containers in messy play.



The set comes with 5 Stacking Cups and  5 Treasure Coins and are super easy to clean thanks to the durable silicone they are made from.

Baby Bath Book

Looking for more ways to make bath time a breeze? The Baby Bath Book is great for kids 6 months to 3 years old and helps them learn to count from 1-5.

Made from neoprene, this bath book is soft and easy for little ones to hold and explore in the bath. There’s also a mini strap included so you can easily hang it on a tap for easy reading and also drying.

Pop the bubbles and count the cheeky animals as you turn the pages, then wring it out to dry before the next round of bathtime fun!


Triblox by Jellystone

Triblox by Jellystone features  9 Triangle Blocks made of non-toxic silicone for children to build, stack, and learn with. Each colourful block has a number and corresponding illustration on the other side for added learning opportunities, making it ideal for open-ended play.

Triblox, available in Rainbow Bright, Pastel, and Earth,is an excellent way for young children to express their creativity and direct their own play! It was also named a Mum’s Choice Gold Award Winner 2023.

The triangle blocks are the perfect shape and weight for little hands to explore, line up, balance, and stack and feature tactile surfaces that can be squished and squeezed which equals endless hours of fun!


With an amazing range of safe, fun and vibrant sensory toys to choose from, Jellystone Designs will have Christmas sorted in no time!

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