Give the gift of building skills this Christmas with LEGO® DUPLO®

Lyndsey Rodrigues
Lyndsey Rodrigues
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Created on Jan 22, 2024 · 4 mins read

Ho, ho, ho! It’s that time of year again…cue record scratch and a panicked internal scream as you realise that you are once again less than prepared for the holiday season.

Yep, between figuring out how to make the perfect pav, which side of the family you’ll be spending Christmas day with and how you can prevent your older child from telling his younger sibling that the big guy with the white beard isn’t real there is A LOT to think about. And that’s before you’ve started making your list (of gifts) and checking it twice.


Thankfully, LEGO® DUPLO®  is here to save the day (and maybe even Christmas?) with their vibrant sets based on everyday life.

Perfect for curious toddlers and preschoolers, these sets spark imagination and creativity while also helping our little legends develop important motor skills, emotional intelligence and even sustainability!

The LEGO DUPLO 3in1 Tree House set is the perfect addition to the bottom of the Christmas tree, with its building, unbuilding and rebuilding opportunities which let kids’ imaginations run wild.

With three levels, a long slide, and a shaky bridge to cross, kids aged 3 and up can first build the ultimate adventure play area. The set then reconfigures to become a cosy tree house when rain clouds build up. The third version has two treehouses, one with a slide, and a garden where children can help gather fruit and use the adorable pulley to carry it up to the tree house.

This set includes a variety of toy characters, including a granny figure, four children, a bird, a cat, and a squirrel, allowing parents, grandparents or carers to play with their toddler while teaching them about social skills and group play. Meanwhile, little builders use a variety of creative accessories to explore self-expression while inventing limitless, imaginative stories.

The LEGO DUPLO 3in1 Tree House, as the name suggests, is really like three presents in one, making this an ideal choice for grandparents who are looking to give a fun, yet educational gift, or for the whole family to pitch in to purchase.


For parents and carers of slightly younger little ones, the LEGO DUPLO Dream Playground set allows children aged 2 and up to explore hours of social play while honing imagination and communication skills.

While climbing the whale toy structure, toddlers can start to learn about letters and numbers. There are a variety of characters for children to meet, including a skater kid and a cute guide dog! The sky’s the limit as kids can decide how the different characters should interact with each other and which equipment to play on next (how fun is that little seesaw?!)

The 75 pieces in the LEGO DUPLO Dream Playground set are perfect for curious little hands and allow kids to act out the world around them while getting lost in their own, wild and wonderful imaginations.


Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? The LEGO DUPLO Recycling Truck set is your new best friend!

This set is ideal for children aged 2 and up and is a great way to start teaching them about the importance of recycling and sustainability – while also learning about colour sorting.

The LEGO DUPLO Recycling Truck set encourages imaginative play thanks to the truck driver and his faithful canine friend. Children can dream up all sorts of adventures for this dynamic duo as they whizz the truck around, collecting rubbish and enjoying the super fun tipping function of the tray.

Motor skills get a workout as well as kids flip open the lids of the garbage bins and then click them shut again once they’ve correctly sorted the rubbish, making this small but mighty set a great educational opportunity in addition to being a tonne of fun.


Whether you have a tiny eco warrior in your life, a day dreamer, budding engineer or a bundle of creativity, the LEGO DUPLO sets are an amazing gift for every toddler and preschooler – and a great opportunity for the whole family to find fun in the every day too.

So, be sure to give your kids or grandkids the gift of building skills this Christmas by making sure you add a LEGO DUPLO set (or two!) to your Santa sack!

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This is a paid partnership between Kiindred and the LEGO® DUPLO® Brand.

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