The importance of teaching hygiene to kids



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Updated on Jul 09, 2024 · 3 mins read
The importance of teaching hygiene to kids

One thing we are all beyond aware of in the current climate is hygiene. Everywhere you look you’re getting told to wash your hands and stay clean. You might be doing this flawlessly, but your little one is completely unaware and is exceptionally good at staying dirty. Germs are a foreign subject as of right now, and it’s your job to teach them their first hygienic practices. From their runny nose that never ends to their sticky hands, they’re never far from a mess. Starting on these good habits now will set them up for success!

Proper baths

For a while, you’re going to be in charge of cleaning every inch of your little one, but soon enough they will need to learn for themselves. Transitioning to giving them the tools is a bit difficult at first. It won’t be for a few years until they are truly independent in the tub, but starting some small exercises will help.

Make bath time a fun space where they look forward to getting clean. Associating it with positive energy will make them want to take showers often. Try to encourage them to mirror your actions, like squirting out a bit of shampoo or scrubbing an area on their arm. Another great exercise is bringing a doll in to have them practice it on their hair! Children love to learn, so make it a fun experience for both of you.

Brushing their teeth

Moving them into the teeth brushing stage can quite literally feel like pulling out your own teeth. If you start allowing them to figure it out at an early age though, they are more likely to enjoy it and make it a habit. During nighttime let them take control of the brush and try it out, with plenty of help of course. Brush yours alongside them and explain how good it makes you feel to be fresh and squeaky clean.

A great trick to make it a more interactive and fun for them is by adding a song along to bathroom routine. This song will make it more fun and remind them how long the process is.

Washing those hands!

One of the most important practices right now, showing them how to wash their hands is key. Try to explain it to them in terms they will not be scared of. Say something like, “mummy washes her hands so that she doesn’t get sick!” Once again, you are the ultimate example, so show them the proper way. Give them some soap and let them lather it in their hands. Tell them that it’s good to wash before eating, after going to the bathroom, and when they’ve made a mess. Sing a similar song to the tooth-brushing one and high five them at the end to continue the encouragement.

Other than those basic hygiene steps, make sure to teach them to always sneeze and cough into their elbows. Developing these practices will set them up for squeaky clean hygiene in the future. No matter how much they fuss at first, they’ll come around!

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