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Why a worm farm is a great idea



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Created on Oct 04, 2023 · 2 mins read
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The words worm farm are probably something you never thought you would consider! But worms are actually an extremely eco-friendly and efficient way to compost. On top of that, they create great organic fertilisers. If you’re looking to lower your footprint and teach your little ones about food waste, look no further!

What do worm farms do?

You know all of the waste you get rid of every single day? Worms can eat a good portion of it! The organic waste we throw out is actually compostable and won’t create pollution. Worms are made up of beneficial bacteria and enzymes which help sustain our agricultural systems. On top of that, when they dig into soil they let more water soak in.

If you let your worms loose on your kitchen waste, they will eat around 3-4 kg of it per week. From there, the worm ‘poop’ or castings and worm tea collection create the rich natural fertiliser you can use for a healthy garden! So, they get rid of your food and then support the growth of your future food or flowers. What’s not to love?

Why a worm farm is a great idea

When your little ones understand how a worm farm can help in multiple ways, they will learn more about their impact and how to be eco-friendly. It’s not only a great way to get the whole family together, but also a fun activity for them to get connected to nature.

What you need

You can either buy a worm farm or set up one by yourself, so once you have it here are a few things to always do:

  • Mix your waste by using: dry leaves, egg shells, fruit scraps, paper scraps, grass, mulch, herbs and anything organic (but be mindful of some moderations!)
  • Always cover your new layer of waste with a bit of soil from the garden so the worms can properly eat the waste
  • Get an aerating tool to give your compost proper air regularly
  • Keep it wet – a dry worm farm is never good!

If you’re sold on a worm farm, look into how you can get one in your house. Your little ones will learn a great amount about the compost process and how to lower their impact!

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