What to expect at 41 weeks pregnant


Your baby

Baby is fully developed and ready to make an appearance – but clearly it’s just too comfortable and happy to be making any moves just yet.

Your doctor will discuss with you your options if baby doesn’t make a move on its own soon, as beyond 42 the risks increase to you and your baby and the placenta will no longer provide the baby with what it needs for survival.

How you’re feeling

80% of babies are born between 37-42 weeks, so while you probably feel like you’re the only one in the world to be this pregnant, it’s still very normal to not have a baby in your arms just yet.

Weekly tip

If you’re getting seriously over waiting there are some ways you can try to bring on labour naturally, none of which are scientifically proven to work but can at least make you feel like you’re doing something. From going for a walk, to having sex, to eating spicy foods to nipple stimulation.

But ultimately your body won’t go into labour until it is ready (without medical intervention) so just try and relax because the worst thing for it is feeling tense or worried – and if you still want to occupy your time why not go for one last pregnancy massage or a mani-pedi!

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