What to expect at 20 weeks pregnant


Your baby

If you end up going full term (which is classed as 40 weeks – but really its anything between 38-42 weeks) this week will mark you and your baby’s halfway point! Well done mama! If you haven’t felt baby moving yet you’re sure to any day now, early movements are described as ‘quickening’, and feel different for everyone but usually tend to feel like a butterfly or a tickle – and then before you know it you will feel unmistakable kicks, jabs, punches and somersaults. Baby is now weighing approximately 300 grams and measuring around 25cms. Up until now, measurements have been taken crown to rump but from this week on baby will be measured from crown to heel.

How you’re feeling

You might start to notice a few sharp pains in the groin area around now, which is caused by the ligaments that are supporting your ever-growing uterus. These are normal but do keep an eye on them and let your midwife or doctor know if they don’t subside.

Weekly tip

It’s time to treat yo’ self mumma! Making it to halfway is no small feat and so why not mark the occasion with a little indulgence – whether that’s a pregnancy massage, a hair apportionment or a delicious dinner out, do something that makes you feel good.

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