What to expect at 21 weeks pregnant

Dr Christine Catling
Dr Christine Catling
Dr Christine Catling, a midwife for over 25 years, is the Director of Midwifery Studies at UTS. She believes research, innovation and good quality midwifery are pivotal to the well-being of mothers and young families. Christine has extensive experience in antenatal education, policy development and research, and has published on workforce issues, homebirth, vaginal birth...
Updated on Jun 14, 2024 · 2 mins read

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Your baby

Your baby’s brain is continuing to develop with nerve endings becoming over more complex, which means their senses are also increasing. Your little one is now able to taste with its taste buds formed on the tongue, although with only amniotic fluid on offer, at this stage that doesn’t mean much to your little one just yet. 

If your little houseguest is a girl then this week her vagina is starting to form and she already has over 1 million eggs in her ovaries. That might mean one day she too is in your position and preparing for a little one of her own.

How you’re feeling

You may have noticed a change in your libido since becoming pregnant – for better or worse. Some women report a surge in their sex drive when pregnant while others all-but lose it completely. Sex is considered safe during pregnancy (unless otherwise advised by your doctor) and it becomes a matter of figuring out how you like it – and logistically how you can work around your growing bump.


Your pregnancy at 21 weeks

Weekly tip

Not feeling like getting down and dirty between the sheets? Talk about it with your partner and explain to them how you’re feeling, and see if you can find other ways to connect and perhaps get you in the mood.

Why not try getting your partner to give you a massage, the skin-on-skin contact will help to release endorphins and help the connection. What worked for you pre-pregnancy might not work for you while you are pregnant, so explore new ways of being intimate and have a little fun while trying!

Have you booked a babymoon yet? What better way to inject a little romance back into the relationship than a little time away together before your baby arrives. Depending on how far you want to travel you probably want to think about doing this in the next few weeks before you’re too big and uncomfortable and before your midwife or doctor advises you against travel.

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