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The 5 best sex positions after you have a baby



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Created on Oct 22, 2023 · 3 mins read

Once you’ve had the 6-week all-clear from your doctor or midwife, you’ve probably got a few questions when it comes to having postpartum sex

Chances are you’re feeling a little apprehensive about the act itself and if it’s going to hurt, and how it will feel. That’s 100% normal – we’ve all been there.

The reality is that when it comes to penetrative sex after having a baby, it might hurt – a little. But for most women, it’s more of a discomfort than pain, and it shouldn’t last too long.

But in case it does there are a few positions that you might want to bookmark that focus on you being in charge and controlling the action.

Remember take it slow, if something isn’t working for you – try something else. Communicate with your partner how you’re feeling – and make lube your best friend even if you’ve never had to use it in the past.

The 5 best sex positions after you have a baby

Oh-yeah Oral

This is the perfect place to start if you are feeling a little unsure about going all the way…

A little cunnilingus can help to get you in the mood, and your partner can slowly start to introduce fingers when you are ready.

Mama on top

Once you are ready to try penetration, being on top helps you take charge and control the action. Being on top helps you stay in charge of speed and the depth of penetration and adjust accordingly…

Reverse cowgirl

If you’re feeling the op-top action and want to mix it up, try spinning around into the reverse cowgirl. This means you are still controlling speed and depth but adds a little extra clitorial stimulation into the situation.

Sexy spoons

If you don’t like being on top a little sexy spooning is a gentle way to ease back into things. Lying on your side will help you control the action and prevent your partner from going too hard or too fast. This one is also a great one for mamas who had cesarean sections too as it keeps the action away from your stomach.

The frisky flip

Laying face down and flat on your stomach is another good way to avoid deep penetration as it stops your partner from being able to get too deep. If you don’t like lying flat you can also try propping yourself up on some pillows or cushions.

When it comes to postpartum sex it’s all about taking things slow – and mixing it up. If one position doesn’t feel right or isn’t working for you, then get creative and try another. Get the lube, get some cushions or pillows and most importantly remember to have some fun with it.

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