9 hacks for winter-proofing your home

Emmy Samtani
Emmy Samtani
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Updated on Jun 14, 2024 · 5 mins read

It’s that time of year when the chill in the air has truly set in. The frosty mornings, freezing nights and rainy days mean one thing… Yep, winter is here!

And with winter comes a whole host of potentially nasty situations around the home that can wreak havoc on you and your family’s health.

Even though spring seems to get all the attention when it comes to cleaning up around the house, winter is equally important. Things like humidity levels, dust mites and ventilation are all important to manage during the colder months. Especially as we spend more time hibernating indoors to keep warm which is the perfect breeding ground for things like mould and dust mites!

Dust mites live in all of your fabrics and furnishings – mattresses, lounges, pillows – gross!

Dust mites and humidity work hand in hand, so you really need to keep the humidity levels stable and keep everything around the home decluttered and clean to keep that dust away!

Here are 9 hacks to tick off around the house as we head into winter….

1. Keep an even temperature

A lot of us want to just heat the room we are using at the time (to save on energy) but this can create moisture problems throughout areas of the house. It’s really important to evenly heat the home, especially during winter. Keeping the temperature and humidity the same throughout the house will help prevent moisture build-up.

2. Get a dehumidifier

Mould can’t survive without moisture. So a dehumidifier is a great way to manage that indoor climate in your home by helping to remove moisture from the air. It’s about creating an optimum microclimate in the home, so you don’t get condensation building up which will ultimately lead to mould.

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3. Open the windows

It seems simple but when it’s cold and wet we can often go for days or weeks sometimes without opening the windows and doors. On clear days, open the house up to ensure airflow and to help keep the air circulating. Getting the house open even for just a short time every day or so will help to keep things fresh.

Tip: You can also use the sun (when it’s shining) to help heat your house naturally. So open those blinds and windows to let some sunshine and natural heat flood in. 8

4. Seal drafts

Opening up windows and doors to let air in when you want it is great, but you want to make sure when you don’t there aren’t any seals that are letting in cold air. Check that windows, gaps under doors and air ventilation shafts aren’t letting cold air in which will mean your heater or air conditioning is working harder to heat the home.

5. Empty gutters and downpipes

Before the wet weather sets in it’s a good idea to check the gutters, downpipes and drainage around your house. It’s really important that you haven’t got a problem and there is no water dripping or falling beside the wall of the house because that can create extra moisture that can come inside. Which will only get worse with lots of rain. Make sure you always get on to any water leaks or problems ASAP.

6. Declutter

Just like when we spring clean and throw out any excess junk – we need to do this in winter too. Reducing clutter around the house – under beds, behind couches and “that” cupboard we all have that’s bursting at the seams. With clutter comes dust so throw anything unnecessary out and clean the rest with a wet microfiber cloth thoroughly.

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7. Vacuum and steam cleaning

This is something that you should be doing regularly (don’t forget your vacuum should have a HEPA filter to ensure it’s properly capturing the dust and not spitting it back out into the air). Winter is a great time to go over all the bigger things like mattresses, lounges and rugs, carpet and give them a really thorough clean to remove any dust that may have settled.

8. Check all the wet rooms

Go through your bathrooms, laundry and kitchen and check them for ventilation, mould and most importantly check that all extractor fans are working properly – or are clean! You will be amazed what you find when you actually look up at your vents. In a lot of smaller bathrooms, these can often be far too small for what’s actually needed to keep up with the steam – especially during winter. In some cases, you might need to run a dehumidifier when the shower is being used to capture all of the extra moisture being put into the air.

Tip: Speaking of filters, don’t forget to check your air conditioner’s filters and change these if they need it too! 

9. Indoor plants

We know it’s hard enough keeping little humans alive but indoor plants can be a simple way of purifying the air in your home. And not to mention they look great too! You may just need to rotate them more during the winter months, so they are getting enough sunlight to survive (if they require it)

So there you have it! Heading into winter feeling prepared with these simple hacks means you can keep your home clean and healthy from hidden nasties. That way you can enjoy the best parts of winter like cosying up by the warm fire and sipping on hot chocolates without any worries about what nasties are lurking around your home.

Ps. Don’t forget to service any gas heaters!

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