10 signs that you need a break as a mum


How are you feeling? No, how are you really feeling?

This is your friendly reminder that you can’t run on adrenaline and love (and caffeine) alone.

When was the last time you did something for yourself?

Sometimes the mental load of motherhood can be all-consuming and self-care usually falls into the too-hard basket. But the moment you stop to acknowledge and express your needs, you will be surprised at what opportunities open up. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help or accept offers from those around you.

This parenthood gig ain’t easy, so be sure to remind yourself that whilst you might be navigating through a difficult stage – it won’t last forever. 

Sometimes it takes someone to point it out for you, so here’s a few questions to ask yourself and if you say yes to one (or all of them) then it’s time for some time-out.

10 signs you need a break as a mum

  1. You’re struggling to sleep at night (not due to your baby)
  2. You struggle to focus on a task/concentrate on things you normally do
  3. You lack the motivation to do the things you usually enjoy
  4. Your energy levels are depleted
  5. You are irritable and snap at your kids or partner
  6. You feel like you’re doing your best but it isn’t enough
  7. You feel like you’re constantly on edge
  8. You’re approaching things with a negative mindset
  9. You second-guess yourself 
  10. You take everything personally

You should never feel ashamed for needing a break. It is essential for your mental health.

This might be simply telling your partner that you need time out or making changes to your routine to ensure you can get some exercise in – even if it’s a light walk around the block.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of self-care, it doesn’t have to be something major – start small, but whatever you do, just start.

Here are some things you can do right now if you’re feeling overwhelmed:

  • Go for a walk – get someone to mind the baby or pop them in the pram and get outside together in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Do some stretches and take some deep breaths – you’ll feel so much better taking a few minutes to switch off.
  • Make a cup of tea (or other beverage of choice) and pop the baby in front of their favourite toys or the TV so you can actually enjoy it.
  • Put on some upbeat music and feel your mood lift instantly.

These will momentarily lift your mood and help you see a little clearer so you can book in some proper you-time! No excuses!

If this article has raised any issues for you, you can call any of these national helplines:
Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636
Lifeline: 13 11 14

PANDA: 1300 726 306

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