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My Mothercraft Nurse Saved My Sleep

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

Emmy is the founder of Kiindred and mother to 3 little ones. Over the last 4 years, she has worked with some of the most credible experts in the parenting space and is a keen contributor on all things parenthood.
Created on Jun 06, 2018 · 6 mins read
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There’s a lot of talk around routines and sleep schedules when you first become a parent. I clearly remember the hype around enforcing a routine on your baby and these harsh ‘cry it out’ methods. I had convinced myself that I would be a ‘go with the flow mum’ as a result. Sure my baby can feed, sleep and stay awake whenever it wishes to – I’ll just be right over here, with one eye open, waiting for each moment when it comes.    

Boy did this idea change quickly! I mean let’s be realistic – this isn’t a sustainable approach and does it really just have to be such a guessing game? Babies don’t come with a manual but they DO come with years of extensive research into their growing brains and developmental needs.

You can only prepare so much, but it’s a whole different ball game once you have your baby. You spend endless hours watching over them, feeding them and enjoying their little noises as they sleep the day away.

But then something happens – they ‘wake up!’ Not just wake up from a day sleep – they literally WAKE UP! This new found alertness that starts to kick in around the 6 week mark (and even more predominantly at 3 months) is such a significant change. This baby is here and wants to enjoy the world around them, not sleep the day away – who has time for that!

Those early newborn days where you could wander aimlessly around a shopping centre or go on coffee dates whenever you please, start to become a whole lot harder as you spend the majority of time trying to get them to sleep longer than a 40 minute catnap. Cue flashbacks to Mother’s Group, where we would stand chatting and rocking our prams like mad, hoping the little person hiding under that swaddle would magically go back to sleep.

I think this was the light bulb moment for me.

Something had changed and I needed to learn more abut this baby sleeping business! I had been recommended a ‘Mothercraft Nurse’ by a friend who told me she was ‘worth her weight in gold.’ I’d never heard of the term ‘Mothercraft’ and whilst I trusted my friend’s opinion, I was determined to do it on my own.

Along came the 5 month mark and we were planning for an overseas trip. It may have been the fear that started to build after I booked that European flight that pushed me to make the call – and I did! Thankfully the stars aligned and I managed to get an appointment with this famous ‘baby whisperer’ I had heard all about. I still think about this moment a lot and wonder what type of sleep deprived parent I would be today, if I hadn’t made that call.

The moment I met this woman, I was completely sold! There was a real method to this sleeping business and not just one that is made up of some personal theory – but true insights into the developmental needs of a baby and how that changed based on their age.

Who knew that your baby could only stay away for a certain length of time after each sleep and that this would change so frequently in those early weeks. What a game changer that was.

The second time around I was a pro, and have such a happy little boy that has been an amazing sleeper from the very beginning. I knew this had nothing to do with his personality or the fact I won in the baby lottery. It had EVERYTHING to do with the fact that I was armed with the knowledge of what he needed in terms of sleep, awake time, feeds and then how to adjust this at each stage.

Now back to the ‘cry it out’ fear mongering. Babies will cry but that’s normal! I would be more concerned if I had a baby that didn’t cry at all. So this idea that we are being cruel to our babies if they cry a little as we help them learn to sleep, makes absolutely no sense to me! There was nothing harsh about the way I weaned my baby off cuddling and feeding to sleep, and in hindsight, I should have been more concerned about depriving my little one of sleep (which is essential for growth & development!)

I had seen enough of my new mama friends suffer at the hands of their ‘bad sleepers’ and was on a mission to change that! My now favourite person, Chris Minogue was the absolute guru and I just had to help get this information out there to mamas everywhere, without the hefty cost! Thankfully Chris felt equally as passionate about my mission – after all, this is what she’s already done for so many over the last 35 years.

The Kiindred Expert Series was born. The idea was to share Chris’ practical tips and expert advice but from the comfort of your own home – at the click of a button – right when you need it most. This would give all parents access to a resource that is so invaluable, yet not necessarily an option for those that lived far away or simply couldn’t afford the cost. These were some of the most sleep deprived and desperate mamas I had spoken too!

What is the Kiindred Expert Series?

A video series created with Australia’s leading Mothercraft Nurse, Chris Minogue. Sharing all her expert advice on what your newborn, baby or toddler needs at each stage i.e bringing your newborn home, sleep & settling, feeding, introducing solids, toilet training, transitioning from cot to bed and so much more.

Will it cost the earth?

Affordability was most important to me when creating the series. I couldn’t stand to hear of another mama not having access to some of this information – it’s life changing! Packages therefore start from $29 – which is as little or less than a book.

Package options

Each package has been created to suit your child’s age and if you are lucky enough to get in early (newborn days!) then the Complete Series package is a very affordable way to get your hands on everything you need to know – exclusive launch price $79

Give me more!

There are loads of fab extras if you purchase one of our packages. These include access to Chris’ renowned Daily Rhythms, which outline your baby’s feed amounts, sleep needs and awake times (gold!) and also access to Chris herself via our ‘Ask Chris’ feature if you have a question specific to your little one’s needs.

Finally, there is a certain confidence that comes with parenting once you have a plan and feel more in control of understanding what your little one needs. This is like anything else in life, and your little one’s needs shouldn’t be left to chance. It’s been a game changer for me and the thousands of families that have been lucky enough to have Chris in their lives – and I hope that you can now enjoy the benefits too!

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