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Medela’s new range provides a soothing touch for you and your baby



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Created on Oct 20, 2023 · 3 mins read
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Dummy, soother, pacifier – whatever you call it, they’re the saving grace of parents everywhere. Providing that added comfort and reassurance to our babies when we can’t give it to them.  They’re one of the first tools that help babies learn to self-soothe, a life skill that they will use well beyond their infant years.

Knowing which dummy to choose for your child can be completely overwhelming. Standing in the supermarket aisle you feel absolutely overwhelmed by choice. Not to mention every parent you know will have her own opinion on what type of dummy is best.

Medela is a brand mums have trusted to support them through their breastfeeding journeys for over 60 years through their range of breast milk feeding products, solutions and medical healing technologies. So it’s only natural that their expertise should lead them into their first range of baby care products. Combining this knowledge in breastfeeding with 30 years of scientific research on the natural suckling behaviour of breastfed babies Medela has launched its first full range of soothers for infants through to 36 months.

The range of soothers was developed in conjunction with leading experts in silicone manufacturing as well as midwives, dentists, speech therapists, lactation experts and ergonomists. They are created to the highest standards in both safety and quality and are designed specifically to the optimal size, form, weight and characteristics to support ideal tongue, lip and jaw movement.

The range features four styles of soothers all made from food-grade silicone without BPA or BPS and produced in Switzerland meeting the highest design and quality standards.

Some of the features from the products across the range that we love, include:

  • Orthodontic: Flat, symmetric teat for free tongue movement. Thin shaft minimises space between upper and lower jaws.
  • Protective cap: For safe transport.
  • With gentle-on-skin Seensopearls™: Enhance the airflow between your baby skin and the shield.
  • Lightweight: Less stress on orofacial muscles.

The Medela baby collection: 

1. Soft silicone

A one-piece, super-soft lightweight and flexible design that supports natural suckling. This soother has been designed with Medela’s contact nipple shield as inspiration and is shaped to fit under the nose so as to not interfere with breathing and smelling. We know the importance of scent to a newborn and finding comfort in the scent of their mother.


Medela Soft Silicone Soother

2. Newborn

Developed for babies under two months of age, the newborn design is the smallest and lightest soother made from soft and flexible silicone. The design allows the baby to easily squeeze without interfering with the natural tongue and muscle development.

3. Original

The everyday soother comes in 3 sizes (0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18+ months) and a variety of designs. These soothers come in a pack of two.

4. Day & Night set

This pack includes an original soother and a nighttime one that glows in the dark. The set comes in all 3 sizes.

Picking the right soother for your baby can be a difficult choice. By opting for a brand with over 60 years of experience, that is working with the highest quality ingredients and manufacturers, you can feel confident knowing you are helping your baby to feel comforted and that their safety and development are being cared for too.


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