Explosions? Leaking? Running out?



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Updated on Mar 07, 2024 · 4 mins read
Explosions? Leaking? Running out?

Before you have babies you know that nappies exist, but you probably didn’t think too much about them. Then you give birth and you suddenly realise just what a big part of your life they are – and will be for years to come.

What has been your messiest nappy moment?

Jess: It’s got to be the classic road trip. You’re coming home, everyone’s tired, everyone’s cranky and they start screaming and you smell it and you know. And you think about how you packed the bags and of course the nappies are right at the bottom of the suitcases. And it’s just chaos.

Rebecca: Have you ever tried to change a wriggly little nine month old in an aeroplane toilet? It’s not fun.

Jo: I just saw Ivy make the poop face, and then I was like omg hold on hold on, and you just see from the side of the car seat all this yellow just stuff squirt out.

Kimberley: Huxy was six weeks old at the doctors and having his check up and as I had his legs up and I was wiping him down a massive explosion came – with intense force! It went everywhere it was all down my top, I had the nurse on her hands and knees wiping up his poo. And because we were moving house I had no spare clothes on me so I had to walk around for half the day with poo all down my cream sweater – which was highly embarrassing!

Ella: She looked at me and I looked at her and we were just looking at each other and I just couldn’t believe it. And I just started laughing and laughing and my husband was nearly throwing up. It was just one of those funny moments I’ll always remember.

What is some nappy advice you wish you’d been given?

Stacie: Those side frills! I wish somebody had told me to pull them out the sides.

Nina: It wasn’t until we went to a mums and bubs pilates class did he wee up his top. Then someone politely said to me, ‘you do know the willy is meant to go down right?’ and I was like, ‘yeah, yeah’ HAHA – I had no idea!

Hema: I have two little girls so I wasn’t really warned about how their poo goes in every little nook and cranny. So it does make it a little tricky to clean up after.

Sarah: I wish someone told me you need a whole team of people to come in and help change a nappy after nine months because she just rolls around!

Lauren: Everyone’s like omg you’ll need this and that and this amazing change table and then you know what, in the heat of the moment and you’re in a rush you don’t have time to get to the change table, you change them on the lounge, on the counter on the hood of your friend’s car! You change them anywhere!

Nappy free time: yay or nay?

Rebecca: Nappy always on!! I clean up enough crap I don’t need to be cleaning up anymore!

Jess: I like to try and do nappy free time but it just gives me so much anxiety…

Hema: I like to keep their nappy on at all times because I’m really fussy with cleanliness but I think nappy free time is important, especially when you’re toilet training.

Stacie: Oh we let her have some nappy free time, we just put down a towel and let her do a couple of rolls. She does always do a wee when the nappy’s off, I think she likes the freedom!

Sarah: Nappies always on because I have white wooden floors and a white rug!

What’s your advice for first-time parents?

Ella: Be kind to yourself, the first thing that I would say as a mum, there’s no hard and fast rule, don’t try and do everything by yourself.

Nina: I think that’s it’s really important to accept help and advice from your trusted circle.

Kimberley: Sleep deprivation is real! But something inside of you gets the adrenaline going and you get through it, it doesn’t last forever!

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