When can my baby use a pillow?


We all have our favorite pillow – the one you can’t imagine falling asleep without every night. Looking at your little one sleeping, you might wonder how they can be comfortably asleep without a good pillow. However, it’s important to know that your baby absolutely doesn’t need a pillow until they’re at least two years old, or even later. You might feel like this seems odd for their sleep, but it’s the only safe option. 

Pillows or anything extra lying around your child’s sleeping area can cause infant crib death or SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Babies should sleep completely alone in their cot to ensure their safety. A pillow or blanket can block a baby’s nose or mouth, leading to suffocation. 

When they are sleeping unobserved they shouldn’t have anything else around them. Once they start transitioning into a toddler bed you can introduce a small and firm toddler pillow. Steer clear of fluffy cushions or adult-size pillows until they are older and in a proper bed.

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