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Origin: Netherlands
Region Origin: Western Europe

Yvonne is a female given name of French origin, derived from the French name Yves and Yvette, and is the feminine form of Yvon. The name Yvonne means "yew" or "yew tree" and is associated with the French word "iv," which refers to a yew tree. Yew trees are known for their strength and are one of the longest-living trees in the world, native to Europe, Africa, and Asia. The name Yvonne is also associated with the Germanic name Ivo, which is believed to be derived from a cognate Celtic element. The name Yvonne has a rich history, dating back to medieval France, and was introduced to England during the Norman Conquest. It has been regularly used in the English-speaking world since the late 19th century. The name Yvonne has been popular in Germany and other European countries as well. Some variations of the name Yvonne include Yvette, Ivonne, and Evonne, while masculine forms of the name are Ivo, Iwo, Ives, Yves, Yvon, and Erwan.

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