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Origin: Norway
Region Origin: Northern Europe

The name Troy has multiple meanings and origins. Most commonly, it is derived from the Irish phrase "troightheach," which directly translates to "foot soldier". This meaning is fitting, as Troy is also the name of an ancient city located in present-day Hisarlik, Turkey, best known as the setting for the Greek myth of the Trojan War. In ancient Greek mythology, Troy, or Ilion, was the location where the infamous Trojan War took place. The city's name, from Greek "Τροία" (Troia), is said to derive from its mythical founder "Τρώς" (Tros), but it is more likely of Luwian or Hittite origin. The name Troy has been popularized in modern times by the actor Troy Donahue, who took his stage name from that of the ancient city. In addition to its Irish and Greek origins, the name Troy is also associated with the Flemish word "troye," which means "doublet" or "jerkin," possibly referring to a tailor or someone who wore a striking garment. Overall, the name Troy has a rich history and multiple meanings, connecting it to various cultures and legends.

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