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Origin: Viet Nam
Region Origin: South-Eastern Asia

Tracy is a gender-neutral name popular in Britain, with roots tracing back to the Irish surname O'Treasaigh, derived from the Irish word "treasach," meaning "war-like," "fighter," "higher," and "superior". The name Tracy may also have French origins as a Norman surname, from the Thracians, a nation of people descended from Thrax, the son of the war god Ares. As a British personal name, Tracy was originally adopted from Norman surnames such as those of the family de Tracy or de Trasci from France, which were derived from the Gaulish male name Draccios or the Latin Thracius ("of Thrace, Thracian") and the Celtic suffix -āko ("place, property"). The name Tracy has various meanings and interpretations, including "war-like," "fighter," "higher," "more powerful," "superior," "from Thracia," "brave," "harvester," "bold," and "domain belonging to Thracius". It has been used as a surname dating back to before the Norman conquest and was later popularized as a feminine name by the main character Tracy Lord in the movie "The Philadelphia Story".

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